For something unique for your wedding, Jo-Ann can create and perform a tribute poem.

Be Strong and of Good Courage

Two brave, young hearts,

In a city much too fast,

Much too big,

Much too full,

Of itself and its own possibilities.

Too many options,

So many ways and means:

To turn a young head,

To tempt a young mind,

To test a young heart.

And yet,

For one golden moment,

The city shrank,

The pace slowed,

The options silenced.

Two brave, young hearts,

Turned face-to-face,


In the joy of discovery.


In the knowledge of lessons learned,

And to be learned.


In hearts that yearned,

For more,

Of each other,

Of life,

And of He,

That made the moment.

He, that muted the city.

He, that ordered the footsteps,

And He that lit the path,

To love,

And life,


For two brave, young hearts.

And if you prefer a musical tribute, we have a singer/songwriter who can craft and perform your personal song!

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